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  • the door on the right takes you directly to La Place des Vosges


interviewing LadyJaneLane

Here’s my latest work in collaboration with Jean-Luc Dupont on LadyJaneLane‘s exposé of the ‘Madame Grès, la couture à l’oeuvre‘ exhibition in Paris.
Tell me what you think?

POP.SIN Ep 1. Ladyjanelane from christopher duncan on Vimeo.


wing mirrors

I recently spent some time at the Paris Retromobile exhibition, with the team from The National Motor Museum @Beaulieu_Hants. There were some magnificent cars there, but all had been photographed so many times I wanted to find a new approach. This year’s theme was based on the colourful automobiles of the 70’s and they were gleaming from the work of an army of polishers from Meguiar’s. So armed with my trusty Hipstamatic I decided to go “pop” and based my work around the wing mirror.

A special thanks to The National Motor Museum @Beaulieu_Hants, if you are in the south of england it’s definitely a place to visit, and to the team of polishers from Meguiar’s  @Meguiars without whose work these images would not have been possible. Just look at this : 

 Talbot-Lago Super Sport T150C that won the Louis Vuitton classic award.

I’m on The Fashionisto !

I’m on The Fashionisto ! Well not me, somebody much prettier, but my work …

Special thanks to l’Atelier Maurice Arnoult and Isabel André for opening the doors of this magic place where a new generation of women bootmakers has grown since 2005 in close collaboration with Maurice Arnoult, the most renowned parisian bootmaker. A place where traditional art of shoemaking craft and creativity merge.

Let’s go bananas !

Happy New Year everybody. yes let’s go bananas in 2011, have fun, spread a little happiness around!

in case you haven’t made the connection (or are too young to know) between the image and “bananas” it’s a photograph I took of a collage of josephine baker, famous for her banana costumes. it can be found in the robert brady museum in cuernavaca, mexico which is well worth visiting.

here’s another local cuernavaca sight, just to remind us that summer is just around the corner.
on a street in cuernavaca, mexico

place des vosges, paris goes back in time

I love roaming around Paris because you never know what you will find.

On my way from the Bastille I took a short cut through the gardens of the Hôtel de Sully

the door on the right takes you directly to La Place des VosgesThe door you see on the right leads you directly into La Place des Vosges. As I went through I was suddenly transported back in time, for look what I saw on the other side :

there were old Citroën DS cars revving up everywhere. Had I run into a rally? no just Hollywood….They were making an “epoch” film, so I put my trusty Olympus pen into video mode and this is what I saw……

The two characters who swop notes in the archway are actually standing in front of the famous ‘L’Ambroisie‘ 3 star restaurant

Douglas and ominous clouds. a view from ‘the beach house’

my secret retreat in England is ‘the beach house’ at the end of warren lane deep in the heart of hampshire.

Here’s the view from the deck. Douglas the springer is in the foreground and the Isle of Wight makes the backdrop.

notice the little schooner going by on the horizon, almost like a painting. (ph. © wade h grimbly 2010)

the gatekeeper

Did you know that The Gatekeeper was a butterfly? The garden seems full of them today, also known as the Hedge Brown (Pyronia tithonus)

look closely this one (below) has damaged it’s wing but that doesn’t stop it flying on this windy summer’s day.