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interviewing LadyJaneLane

Here’s my latest work in collaboration with Jean-Luc Dupont on LadyJaneLane‘s exposé of the ‘Madame Grès, la couture à l’oeuvre‘ exhibition in Paris.
Tell me what you think?

POP.SIN Ep 1. Ladyjanelane from christopher duncan on Vimeo.


I’m on The Fashionisto !

I’m on The Fashionisto ! Well not me, somebody much prettier, but my work …

Special thanks to l’Atelier Maurice Arnoult and Isabel André for opening the doors of this magic place where a new generation of women bootmakers has grown since 2005 in close collaboration with Maurice Arnoult, the most renowned parisian bootmaker. A place where traditional art of shoemaking craft and creativity merge.


photo © wade h grimbly
when I was in cuernavaca morelos, mexico a couple of years ago I found this leather “cowboy” outfit in the local museum.it must date from mid 19th century and was probably only used for “sunday best” and celebrations. the owner must have made a few girls swoon when swaggering around town in this, but I could easily see it being worn today. the detail in the leather work is almost haute-couture. the shirt is pretty beautiful too don’t you think?